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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Belo Horizonte.

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ID 61132

Renato Mangini Dias

Entrepreneur with strong engineering skills (Java, backend, AWS, Android, *nix). Academic background on IR and AI. Dev community leader (regional GTUG founder)

ID 505011

Rafael Bandeira de Melo

Founder @sociact • Studied at @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 125803

Vitor Peçanha

Co-founder at Rock Content, Startup Chile Alum

ID 168790

Leandro Faria

CEO of Datastorm. Passionate tech entrepeneur. Expert on product and project management.

ID 377918

Thiago Lara

ID 405316

André Lucas

Gamification enthusiast, leadership student and practitioner, helper a few startups grow, fast learner.

ID 152820

Elizabeth Fernandez

Teacher and Founder at @beved

ID 422179

Rodrigo Ferreira

Founder Ltda • Worked at @ati-research • Studied at @yale-university, @universidade-federal-de-minas-gerais

ID 29409

André Fonseca

Co-founder and CEO of @dito-internet

ID 4468

Yuri Gitahy

Helped 50+ startups bootstrap, 30+ define better products, 10+ negotiate seed rounds, advised 3 while reaching their first million in revenues.

ID 31898

Miguel Torres

Co founder @shippify sweet API for Shipping and Logistics @georgetown-university Scholar now in @Seed Alumni @startupchile @startup-next hacking my flow state

ID 408962


Founder @remote-park

ID 423514

Gabriel Lemos

Founder @lagiar • Worked at @blue-box-inform-tica

ID 145421

Vinicius Melo

Founder Memocards; Mechanical Engineering Student; Visionary Entrepreneur

ID 174220

Tomás Duarte

Co-Founder @tracksale • VP of Associação Brasileira de Startups.

ID 287811

Pedro Villalobos

Co-Founder and CEO at

ID 122349

Leandro Araújo

Founder of @bim-bon. Architect and Urban Planner (UFMG).

ID 502303

Rachel Costa

Founder Arte e Artefato, Arte e Artefato • Have a PhD in Philosophy at @federal-university-of-minas-gerais; Teach at Minas Gerais State University

ID 144193

Paulo C. S. Barbosa


Gestor de empresas, fusqueiro frustrado, cervejeiro noob, antropólogo de primeira viagem, cinemeiro e apaixonado por jujuba café.

ID 291297

Arthur Câmara

ID 173754

Tulio Mendes

CEO/CTO Triveo. Cyclist, sport lover, geek, serial reader with strong business background. Music lover...

ID 144915

Fernando Piancastelli

Entrepreneur. Founder at Cellide, creator of Picker. BSEE, software engineer for past 10+ years. Hardcore API coder & product developer.

ID 422218

André Procópio

Founder @pousadinhas

ID 495388

Gustavo Filardi

CEO of LeadSeletor. Serial entrepreneur, founded Oh!Minas and Aloltech Telecom • MSc in International Business and Marketing at @iscid, @Ajou University.

ID 213408

David Massara Joanes

Founder Urbe21 • Investor @dreamsapp

ID 411833

Filipe Bragança

Fundador da startup 120mm Studio manager, sou formado em Publicidade pela PUC MINAS, trabalho desde 2005 com desenvolvimento de apps WEB e Mobile.

ID 483265

Lucas Mendes de Freitas

I’m a developer passionate for music, technology and innovation, a great enthusiast for new ideas looking for a better future to all people. Founder @caravane.

ID 90645

Bruno Eustáquio

Co-fundador do @rockbee, host do @empreendecast, apaixonado por empreendedorismo e tecnologia.

ID 17930

Eduardo Enrique Ostos Carvalho

Co-Founder @perspeck. IT infrastrucute architect, developer and product manager. MBA and MSc AI/CI.

ID 83764

André Giannetti


Designer and CEO at @dreamsapp

ID 146962

Joaquim Lopes Junior

CEO at 4YouSee. @ead-builder's Co-founder. Master Degree in Computer Science, interested Agile Software Development. IT Consultant at UFMG.

ID 419543

Tatiana Carvalhais

CAO/CFO @tracksale

ID 155935

Anderson Santos


Founder @pagamos • Investor @pagamos

ID 499484

Rigel Ferreira

VilarikA founder

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