Belo Horizonte Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Belo Horizonte.

Meet 149 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Belo Horizonte

ID 800983

Alessandro Garcia

Founder @solides-tecnologia-s-a and @solides-llc , specialized in de-codify human behavior (for HR, Coaching, Educational and Big Data)

ID 177379

Diogo Bedran Linhares

Founder TextCorner, RWW Brazil, Webholic.

ID 826814

Monica Hauck

Founder @solides-tecnologia-s-a and @solides-llc , Human Behavior Researcher

ID 414640

jaime tadeu de paula

Co-Founder, Product and Mkt @zase | Computer Engineer, Product Designer/ Developer with background in B2B IT solutions.

ID 55935

Bruno Grossi


ID 29409

André Fonseca

Co-founder and CEO of @dito-internet

ID 4468

Yuri Gitahy

Helped 50+ startups bootstrap, 30+ define better products, 10+ negotiate seed rounds, advised 3 while reaching their first million in revenues.

ID 174220

Tomás Duarte

Co-Founder @tracksale • VP of Associação Brasileira de Startups.

ID 125803

Vitor Peçanha

Co-founder at Rock Content, Startup Chile Alum

ID 305161

Daniel Naves de Carvalho

Ruby and Javascript expert with experience in Large distributed systems

ID 235118

Flavia Ivar


Master in Business Administration. CEO of Amigo da Cultura • Investor @amigodacultura.

ID 25456

Yscaira Jimenez

Founder @plexx, @la-pregunta-arts-cafe • Worked at @platform-learning, @learn-it-systems • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @columbia-university

ID 31898

Miguel Torres

Co founder @shippify sweet API for Shipping and Logistics @georgetown-university Scholar now in @Seed Alumni @startupchile @startup-next hacking my flow state

ID 637716

arthur sternick


Founder/CEO of Monepe Participações e Investimentos, 56, Engineneer, MBA Finance, still good soccer player, active mountain-biker, Angel Investor

ID 268172

Franklin Valadares



ID 451155

Sebastien Brunet

Worked at @medko • Studied at @lancaster-university, @esc-reims

ID 166759

Alex Ferreira

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, MySql, MongoDB, CounchDB, Redis, HTML5

ID 189967


The original cloud networking company. With our VNS3 product, over 700 customers extend networks to create hybrid clouds.

ID 226966

Carlos Henrique Palhares

Creative and passionate multidisciplinary developer. Working with it since I was 15. Automate everything is my motto.

ID 122349

Leandro Araújo

Founder of @bim-bon. Architect and Urban Planner (UFMG).

ID 152805

Matt Montenegro

Founder @beved, UX Freak & Pitbull Seller. Worked on AgênciaClick Isobar, Via6 and Studio Sol.

ID 459232

Bruno Nascimento Santos

Extremely interested in learning new technologies and solving all kinds of challenging software engineering problems. Worked at and Gap

ID 742197

Thiago Alvernaz

Student analysis and system development by Centro University UNA and Front End Developer in Packdocs.

ID 870872

Leonardo Mendes

Co-founded Moip, one of Brazil's largest online payment companies. Invested in 3 other start-ups.

ID 423514

Gabriel Lemos

Founder @lagiar • Worked at @blue-box-inform-tica

ID 287811

Pedro Villalobos

Co-Founder and CEO at

ID 168790

Leandro Faria

CEO of Datastorm. Passionate tech entrepeneur. Expert on product and project management.

ID 255508

Leandro Alves

UX/UI designer and frontend developer at Meliuz. Founded 3 successful startups. Teaches about customer development. Ninja.

ID 3818

João Drummond

Founder yoozon

ID 103672

Leonardo Luiz Padovani da Mata

Backed Software Architect at Meliuz. Master in Computer Science. Open Source Technologies Specialist. C, C++, Java, Python Programmer.

ID 582623

Denilson Sá

Worked at @aceitafacil • Studied at @ufrj-universidade-federal-do-rio-de-janeiro

ID 407172

Thiago Veloso

Founder at @yoozon, @mevisite and @lab28. Marketing specialist, Product and Team Manager.

ID 334937

Aga Gajownik

Acceleration Process Managerat Techmall ( Social entrepreneur/ mentor/ trainer promoting entrepreneurship development in various countries.

ID 61132

Renato Mangini Dias

Entrepreneur with strong engineering skills (Java, backend, AWS, Android, *nix). Academic background on IR and AI. Dev community leader (regional GTUG founder)

ID 847616

Celso Cenachi

Project manager and sênior developer.

ID 146522

Siddharth Kothari

Founder at 1st software startup out of school. Comp Sci major (Google SoC, ACM ICPC), backend developer, researcher at the SCS, CMU.

ID 405316

André Lucas

Gamification enthusiast, leadership student and practitioner, helper a few startups grow, fast learner.

ID 422179

Rodrigo Ferreira

Founder Ltda • Worked at @ati-research • Studied at @yale-university, @universidade-federal-de-minas-gerais

ID 742200

Rafael Romão

Student information system development by Faculty Anhanguera Belo Horizonte and Front End Developer in Packdocs.

ID 219114

Rafael Amorim

NERD, coffe lover and a great guy :P Programming since 2006, did lots of cool stuff since then. Let's chat, i can tell you more about those things.

ID 50458

Gustavo Veloso

BSc, Information Systems. Specialist, Software Engineering; CTO at @streetinvestor. Worked at DeskMetrics and Capgemini.

ID 408962


Founder @remote-park

ID 1423

Marcelo Costa de Oliveira

#Empreendedor #Mobile, #Investidor da #Inovação, #Tenista Amador, Fã de #Anos80 e #Galo! Co-fundador da @takenet, @mobyra_inc, @confrapar, @mobx e @minutrade.

ID 145421

Vinicius Melo

Founder Memocards; Mechanical Engineering Student; Visionary Entrepreneur

ID 122374

Thiago Silva Vilela

ID 505011

Rafael Bandeira de Melo

Founder @sociact • Studied at @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 561875

Ricardo Mota

Founder @politica-esporte-clube • Studied at @newton-paiva

ID 846554

Michael Mafort

Full stack generalist, worked with MIT Media Lab, for government of Minas Gerais, I have developed projects in PHP, Ruby (Sinatra and Rails) and Python.

ID 550996

Mauro Freitas

Founder & CTO at Turma do Tião Camaleão • Worked at @seed-startups-and-entrepreneurship-ecosystem-development

ID 377918

Thiago Lara

ID 155935

Anderson Santos


Founder @pagamos • Investor @pagamos

ID 352561


Masters degree student, software engineer with 7 years of experience, 5 of them as CTO of a software house, entrepeneurship lover.

ID 562255

Filipe Magalhães

Founder @say2me • Studied at @universidade-federal-de-pernambuco, @university-of-bremen

ID 495388

Gustavo Filardi

CEO of LeadSeletor. Serial entrepreneur, founded Oh!Minas and Aloltech Telecom • MSc in International Business and Marketing at @iscid, @Ajou University.

ID 90645

Bruno Eustáquio

Co-fundador do @rockbee, host do @empreendecast, apaixonado por empreendedorismo e tecnologia.

ID 496927

Shwetang R.D

Founder & CEO - DribbleLogics

ID 650737

Cristiano Soares

Founder @buky, @yes-i-fit • Worked at @egentic-brazil, @adcos-bh • Studied at @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 152820

Elizabeth Fernandez

Teacher and Founder at @beved

ID 769962

Gerson Mazer


Managing and Finance Consultant

ID 680124

William Rufino

MSc Student at Universidade Fumec, Computer Science BSc, Full Stack Developer, Strong experience with Web Development and Digital Marketing.

ID 769327

Olavo Shibata

Senior Consultant of EY; Web and mobile software engineer; Experience working for clients such as FIFA, Accenture and Oi Telecomunicações

ID 495584

Aída Dias

Founder @oh-minas • Studied at @universidade-federal-de-minas-gerais

ID 829786

Michael Filippo

ID 828360

Samur Araújo

ID 708516

Bernardo Carvalho

Founder @ Let Me Mobi You. Strong mobile software development skills. MBA IBMEC (2012) and CS UFLA (2009). Born to work in Start-ups.

ID 146962

Joaquim Lopes Junior

CEO at 4YouSee. @ead-builder's Co-founder. Master Degree in Computer Science, interested Agile Software Development. IT Consultant at UFMG.

ID 502303

Rachel Costa

Founder Arte e Artefato, Arte e Artefato • Have a PhD in Philosophy at @federal-university-of-minas-gerais; Teach at Minas Gerais State University

ID 144915

Fernando Piancastelli

Entrepreneur. Founder at Cellide, creator of Picker. BSEE, software engineer for past 10+ years. Hardcore API coder & product developer.

ID 177577

Paulo Khouri

Founder Intera TV, @mobilitate • Worked at @ibm, @cpqd • Studied at @puc-campinas

ID 457654

Vinicius Coimbra

ID 496411

Claudio Fernandes

UFMG BSCS and MSCS on 3D reconstruction. Currently working with game development.

ID 499484

Rigel Ferreira

VilarikA founder

ID 251204

João Daniel Duarte

Founder @fores-ee, @ei-t

ID 393525

Pedro Vasconcellos

ID 509016

Giovanni Damásio

Founder @sociact • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais

ID 291297

Arthur Câmara

ID 839261

Felipe Soares Gonçalves Rosa

ID 421504

Rafael Carvalho

Worked at @siemens, @avenue-code • Studied at @universidade-federal-de-minas-gerais

ID 701069

Marcelo Santos

Founder & CEO of GetUpr. Strong business background and experiences.

ID 498495

Mateus Santos

Founder @e-belle, @vilarika-solucoes • Worked at @zeedhi, @primesystems • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais

ID 17930

Eduardo Enrique Ostos Carvalho

Co-Founder @perspeck. IT infrastrucute architect, developer and product manager. MBA and MSc AI/CI.

ID 700919

Victor José Brey Gil

ID 484422

Rogerio Hilbert Lima

Python Developer, bachelor in Computer Science, works with Django at Pixbuffer and Mydeco

ID 863644

Cristiano Orsi Pio

Solid multidisciplinary background, extensive international experience working at fast paced tech companies and fluency in multiple languages

ID 422218

André Procópio

Founder @pousadinhas

ID 502492

Ricardo Roquim Ferreira

UI/UX Designer, Publicitário, Relações Públicas e estudante em Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas.

ID 503952

Glauco Bertu

Worked at @o2-games, @totvs

ID 584607

Paulo Henrique Pires

Full stack developer, working with the both sides of a project, build and contributor with a lot of open-source project, speaker in some events.

ID 386653

Gustavo Henrique Caixeta

ID 712626

Arley Andrada

Software engineer at FUNDEP / UFMG, father of wonderful children, loving husband, passionate about technology, consultant, entrepreneur, full stack developer.

ID 617161

Leonardo Neves

Founder @linkia-solucoes-de-e-commerce • Worked at @jn2-e-commerce-solutions

ID 498852

Henrique Carvalho Parreira

Founder citspot, citspot • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais, Designer UX and UI.

ID 618704

Gabriel Ferreira de Miranda

co-Founder/CEO @novaclass-education.

ID 829408

Luan Soares

Always created solutions to accelerate time-consuming processes.

ID 486648

Rafael Vieira

Founder Política Esporte Clube, Worked at,,

ID 460895

Andreza Feu

Worked at @sensimob, @aiesec-brazil • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais

ID 813755

Diego Alisson Fernandes de Mendonça

An UI Software Engineer with solid skills on the Back­End field focusing on delivering good quality code using agile methodologies.

ID 480636

Thiago Rocha

I’m a passionate back-end developer. I love learning and experimenting patterns throughout my code. I’m interested in mobile tech, “non-boring” web development.

ID 502474

Lucas Mendonça

Founder @sala

ID 856906

Diego Freitas

A Software Engineer with solid skills on User Interaction and Server-Side field focusing on delivering good quality and performatic code using agile.

ID 153061

Stefano Marotta

Worked at @aorta-mobi, @nuts-ideias

ID 779118

Fábio dos Santos

ID 627672

Glaydston Veloso

ID 315353

Luiz Paulo Coelho Ferreira

Studied in a top 5 Computer Science College in Brazil, great programming skills, experience in different languages, good learning.

ID 421648

João Lucas Pereira de Santana

Ruby and JavaScript developer. Entrepreneur. UI developer of Bloomingdale's

ID 322666

Rafael Menta

Front-end engineer at @avenue-code ; Strong Javascript skills and some Java and PHP background; BS in Computer Science

ID 498074

André Buono

Founder @sala. Web Designer and Front End Developer.

ID 554785

Cristiano Benjamin

I'm a programmer.

ID 511751

Rafael Sol

Educator who create eco toys, puppeteer - Digital Content in @recicladiverte. Researching game-based learning, 3D art and game design.

ID 713396

Angélica Rabello ☮

Enquanto a massa cantar, enquanto o manto sagrado estiver sobre nossos ombros, e este escudo sobre o nosso peito,não desistiremos jamais. Uma vez até morrer ❤❤️

ID 847316

Ariel Rodrigues



ID 509012

Bruno Galinari

CEO of Mine. Co-founded arte&moderna. Math Graduate

ID 578197

Mauricio Carvalho

Loves coding, telecom, smartphones and videogames. Waiting for the wearables and humanoid robots

ID 814551

Luísa Fortini

I always did volunteer work (and started study, but i stoped) I worked with a big adversiting company in brazil, did yoga for 3 amazing years.

ID 505463

Fábio Cabral

More than 15 years experience on IT area, a great professional experience on development, software architecture, SOA, has great speaking and training skills.

ID 502948

Christian Maurilio de Camargos

Founder Só Motoboy

ID 483265

Lucas Mendes de Freitas

I’m a developer passionate for music, technology and innovation, a great enthusiast for new ideas looking for a better future to all people. Founder @caravane.

ID 495215

Saint Clair

ID 612445

Fabiana Duarte

Founder and COO @procureit.

ID 821759

Alex Ribeiro

Found 3 start-ups in Market Intelligence, Education and Public Administration. WOrk in 3 countries, fluent in 4 languages. Was pioneer of Internet Securities,

ID 706013

Marcos Borges

ID 430285

Marcela Ferris

ID 491225


ID 711854

Vinicius Souza

ID 845082

Rafael D'Angelo Machado


I'm a former strategy consultant, with technology design and development background. I have built an interesting business network for a startup.

ID 712708

Eder de Souza Andrade

iOS Team Coordinator at Pontomobi, biggest mobile company in Latin America. Developed apps for Coke, Ambev, Citibank, Telefonica and Unilever.

ID 542997

Alexandre Oliveira Santos

Computer Engineer, 5+ years developing iOS apps and 3+ Android. 7+ years software development. Worked with projects at, TV Globo, Gol Linhas Aéreas and Boehringer Ingelheim.

ID 504633


Graphic Designer, IT Technician Founder of Fractal

ID 419054

Miriam Penna Diniz

ID 415384

Daniel Moreira

Founder Ludic Side

ID 419543

Tatiana Carvalhais

CAO/CFO @tracksale

ID 406975

Gabriel Hamdan

CEO of Captaqui, with extreme problem solving background, business expertise and a lot of technical experience in product and web development.

ID 326033


Security Researcher

ID 419771

Luis Gustavo

Founder Ludic Side

ID 213408

David Massara Joanes

Founder Urbe21 • Investor @dreamsapp

ID 148314

Diógenes Falcão

ID 339519

Edgard Davidson

ID 283431

Thiago Lara

ID 168839

Leonardo Ferreira

Software Architect and Solutions Consultant, concluding a bachelor in computer science

ID 189777

Armando Rogério Junior

Worked at @embratel, @attps-inform-tica

ID 98921

Gabriel Cavalcante

ID 331655

Matheus Lemos

ID 83764

André Giannetti


Designer and CEO at @dreamsapp

ID 144193

Paulo C. S. Barbosa


Gestor de empresas, fusqueiro frustrado, cervejeiro noob, antropólogo de primeira viagem, cinemeiro e apaixonado por jujuba café.

ID 158583

Giliardi Rodriguez


ID 411833

Filipe Bragança

Fundador da startup 120mm Studio manager, sou formado em Publicidade pela PUC MINAS, trabalho desde 2005 com desenvolvimento de apps WEB e Mobile.

ID 418618

Renato Lima

System Architect at @fitnova

ID 196649

Túlio Nogueira

Founder F.Ciência

ID 173754

Tulio Mendes

CEO/CTO Triveo. Cyclist, sport lover, geek, serial reader with strong business background. Music lover...

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