Belo Horizonte Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Belo Horizonte.

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ID 706013

Marcos Borges

ID 419771

Luis Gustavo

Founder Ludic Side

ID 498074

André Buono

Founder @sala. Web Designer and Front End Developer.

ID 168790

Leandro Faria

CEO of Datastorm. Passionate tech entrepeneur. Expert on product and project management.

ID 152805

Matt Montenegro

Founder @beved, UX Freak & Pitbull Seller. Worked on AgênciaClick Isobar, Via6 and Studio Sol.

ID 502492

Ricardo Roquim Ferreira

UI/UX Designer, Publicitário, Relações Públicas e estudante em Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas.

ID 511751

Rafael Sol

Educator who create eco toys, puppeteer - Digital Content in @recicladiverte. Researching game-based learning, 3D art and game design.

ID 498852

Henrique Carvalho Parreira

Founder citspot, citspot • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais, Designer UX and UI.

ID 509016

Giovanni Damásio

Founder @sociact • Studied at @pontificia-universidade-catolica-de-minas-gerais

ID 158583

Giliardi Rodriguez


ID 405316

André Lucas

Gamification enthusiast, leadership student and practitioner, helper a few startups grow, fast learner.

ID 504633


Graphic Designer, IT Technician Founder of Fractal

ID 406975

Gabriel Hamdan

CEO of Captaqui, with extreme problem solving background, business expertise and a lot of technical experience in product and web development.

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